Telstra Is Changing Up Its Consumer Plans Soon

We've given all three carriers a bit of a ribbing in recent months in regards to the cost of their respective contract consumer phone plans. The short version? They're hideously expensive for what you get. Telstra, however, looks to be changing the record soon, with sources today telling us that the carrier is headed for a change in plans around March.

According to sources, Telstra today issued a memo to staff — sighted by us here at Gizmodo — telling them not to sell the current range of Every Day Connect Plans, Every Day Connect Data Share Plans, Telstra No Lock-In Plans, Telstra Mobile Plans and Shared Data packs. Staff are being advised that these plans will "no longer be available to new or re-contracting customers". Staff are instructed to stop selling the plans on 4 March, meaning a replacement is likely to come on or before that date. In the meantime, staff will continue to sell these offerings.

Of course, customers still on these plans will remain there under the same contract terms and conditions they signed up to when taking up the offerings, but new customers will be offered something different.

Presumably, Telstra is looking to compete better on price given the new threats posed by new network innovations from Optus and a resurrected Vodafone complete with 4G. All it would take is for one of the carriers to get competitive on price again for a new price war to kick off, and the only winner there is the consumer. Bring it on!

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