Sub-Light Colonisation Of The Galaxy Is Possible... It'll Just Take 50 Million Years

Unless technology advances at semi-magical speeds within the next century, it's unlike any of us will be around a million years from now. Or even 1000 years. That doesn't mean we can't have a go at predicting just how crazy humanity, Earth and even the universe will be by then.

The BBC has whipped up a neat infographic that looks into the future 1000 years from now... but it doesn't stop there. Obviously feeling ambitious, the graphic foretells our fate — and indeed that of the universe — 10 quadrillion years ahead and, well, it's not good.

By then, all stars will have exhausted their fuel supplies. On the bright side, it'll only take 50 million years to colonise the galaxy without the aid of faster-than-light travel. So there's that to look forward to.

Visit the BBC link below for the full and rather tall infographic.

[BBC, via Co.Exist]

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