Steadicam’s Curve Makes Your GoPro Vids As Smooth As Silk

Steadicam’s Curve Makes Your GoPro Vids As Smooth As Silk

Steadicam — makers of all kinds of stabilising contraptions that turn average cameramen into (seemingly) masterful cinematographers — has just introduced its smallest model yet called the Curve that’s designed to keep your GoPro videos looking their best.

The Curve seems a little counter to what the GoPro’s all about — after all, it was originally introduced as a wearable camera designed to document ridiculous stunts, dangerou rides, and other decidedly unsteady adventures. But the GoPro’s cheap price tag and Tonka-tough design have made it a go-to camera for many amateur filmmakers, and now the Steadicam Curve will let them easily up the quality of their productions.

Using the Curve is as easy as unclipping the floating head and then holding onto the vertical handle while the mount and attached GoPro automatically levels itself with a little help from gravity. A weight at the bottom of the Curve can be used to perfect its balance so the GoPro is perfectly level, but other than that it’s incredibly easy to get working.

What’s tricky, however, and this applies to all Steadicam stabilizers, is learning how to use it. For static shots with really subtle and gentle moves the Curve does a good job at keeping the motion smooth, but it will take a while to master anything with more motion involved.

A rubber ring can be gripped with your fingers to help prevent the GoPro from spinning off-frame by itself, or for doing simple pans, but compared to the Steadicam rigs used by professional cameramen, the learning curve here isn’t steep — nor is the price. The Steadicam Curve is available now for just $US100 — a small price to pay if it can make your productions look like you’ve spent thousands on a team of professionals. [Steadicam]