Spot (Almost) Every Futurama Character Ever In This Awesome Illustration

I'm used to seeing images like this based on The Simpsons, but after seven seasons of consistent comedy genius, I believe that Matt Groening's second show, Futurama, has absolutely earned the right to one of these awesome 'every character from the show in one massive image' things.

This brilliant image by Unrellius gives all Futurama fans license to play an endless game of Where's Wally with their favourite Futurama characters. Just chose one and spend the next hour looking for him/her in this image. Good Luck!

Futurama actually had yet another 'final' episode as seasons 7 finally brought itself to a close. Very sad, but most folks involved with the show expect it to live on in one format or another, whether it be an eighth season, or another of those straight to DVD movies that were released a while back. Hopefully it continues.

You can check out the full sized version of this incredible pic here.

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