Skywalk Through Outer Space With These Celestial Carpets

Hey, hey, stargazers and celestial daydreamers, here’s your chance to walk barefoot above the heavens. Spacecrafted is a new collection of rugs from German designer Jan Kath that takes hi-res satellite images of the great beyond and turn them into super detailed wool and silk patterns.

At first glance, the designs are tough to make out — but a closer look reveals that they’re actually pretty incredible depictions of the universe. Disegno reports that Kath used Galaincha software to turn the original pics into a format that could be easily translated onto the carpets, knot by knot by knot at his workshop in Nepal. In fact, between 60 and 80 different hand-dyed colours were used to get the photorealism just right (most carpets apparently use between 20 and 25 shades).

The end result is stunning, and I kind of feel that if you stare into these long enough the meaning of life will be revealed. [Disegno Daily]