Shop At Appla And Drink Sffcccks Coffee On China's 'Street Of Fakes'

Shop at Appla and Drink Sffcccks Coffee on China's

A cursory glance at this street in Wuxi, China would give the impression of a booming downtown marketplace that runneth over with only the hottest international brands. Look a little closer, and you'll notice that some of the spellings are a bit — er, off. Look even closer than that, and you'll realise that this bizarro strip mall is even more off-kilter than you could have ever known — all of the buildings' interiors are totally bone-bare.

Shop at Appla and Drink Sffcccks Coffee on China's

The southern Chinese city street sprouted these lively, not-quite-familiar storefronts recently as a means of attracting buyers (the entire street property is currently for sale). While the nonsensicality of the misspelled brands — which include H&N, Appla, Sffcccks Coffee and Zare — varies, all of the fake stores feature fonts and designs nearly identical to their original counterparts. And as Zhao Jia, a local lawyer, told

The real estate operators in charge are engaging in misleading behaviour and should stop this infringement.

The facades "designed to create a shopping atmosphere" have prompted many in surrounding areas to start calling the absurd collection the "street of fakes". And while intellectual property theft is a valid concern, anyone familiar with this Twilight Zone episode knows that copyright law is the least of their troubles. Spoiler: It doesn't end well. [South China News via]

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