Shit, Internet, Phone... What Did You Tweet About In 2013?

Shit, Internet, Phone — But What Did You Tweet About This Year?

These are the words that appeared most often in my Twitter timeline. I know this thanks to Vizify's fun new tool that pulls highlights from all of your 2013 tweets — including popular topics, Vines, photos and followers — and assembles them into a delightful short video.

Soooo, I probably swear too much on Twitter and nothing puts that into stark relief quite like my Vizify 2013 video. If I wanted to, I could use Vizify's handy video-editing tool to select more SFW topics, but I'm quite happy to revel in my profanity. What did you tweet about in 2013? Who are your "golden followers?" [Vizify via My #3 Golden Twitter Follower]

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