Senator Proposes 140km/h Speed Limits For Australia

Senator Proposes 140km/h Speed Limits For Australia

We’ve sat in Australian traffic jams for years, endlessly jealous of Germany’s amazing autobahn system that lets you go as fast as you feel safe going while others get the hell out of your way. There are renewed calls from a New South Wales-Senator-elect to make this a reality, but something tells me the plan isn’t entirely thought out yet.

Senator-elect David Leyonhjelm of New South Wales is behind the new push, reportedly calling for freeway speed limits to be abolished and have them set by motorists actually using the roads.

He’s all for speed limits of 140km/h on freeways, and the abolition of 40km/h zones adding that if there were no monitoring in these zones, nobody would do that speed.

While he’s probably right, those 40km/h zones are there to protect kids in school zones and those getting off buses, so let’s not abolish those.

And let’s keep in mind, as Fairfax points out, this plan comes from the guy who thought that charging asylum seekers $50,000 to “come through the front door”, while arming more people in order to prevent gun violence were good ideas. Oh boy. [Perth Now]

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