Samsung Is Giving Its TV Customers Free 4K Content

Samsung Is Giving Its TV Customers Free 4K Content

The biggest criticism of 4K/Ultra-High Definition TVs is that there’s no content currently available that suits their insanely-high native resolution. Sony has already moved to master 4K content for its TVs, and now Samsung is looking to throw some 4K freebies to its customers too.

Any customer that buys a Samsung 4K/UHD TV in Australia in 2014 will get a Video Kit. Basically, it’s a hard drive pre-loaded with five 4K movies and three 4K documentaries.

For 12 months, Samsung will build on that library of yours until you end up with 20 4K movies and 30 4K short films and documentaries.

Samsung doesn’t know exactly how it will deliver that additional 4K content to consumers just yet, but is toying with the idea of either making the service available online or just mailing new hard drives to customers.

In order to send the content over the internet, there’s going to have to be some crazy compression services at work to condense a 4K movie file which stretches into the tens of gigabytes. If only we had a national super-fast fibre network that could help with that…

Luke Hopewell travelled to CES 2014 as a guest of Samsung Australia