Windows 9 May Be Closer Than You Think

Rumour has it Windows 9 (codenamed "Threshold") will be revealed at BUILD 2014, with a target delivery date in April 2015.

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    None too surprisingly either considering how quickly Windows 7 came out, after the failure that was Vista. Window 8 being followed by Threshold is simply a repeat of that scenario.

      Actually, I believe that Windows 7 was already in development when Microsoft started making Vista. The story is that Apple was going to make the first 64-bit OS, so Microsoft shat out Vista to beat them to it. Of course, I lack a citation.

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        No, Windows XP 64-Bit edition takes that.

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      That's because everyone knows that Windows is like Star Trek movies; every alternate one is crap.

      There's actually nothing wrong with Windows 8. You can hate metro as much as you like, but the desktop experience is just the same as it's ever been.

    I hope Windows 9 will use Windows 7's design, rather than Windows 8's. One can only dream.

      Also, this was a spectacular article, Gizmodo. You have made me proud.

        This has been another spectacular success in:
        Click-Bait Marketing

          I see what you did there....or I would have if I hadn't wanted to avoid the spoiler. That's right this is a spoiler.

      Only if Microsoft want to be totally irrelevant in the consumer space in the next 5 years.

      I will admit that none tech savy people do find it a bit hard to find windows 8's secrets.
      Certain aspects as searching / grouping aren't obvious to most people at first.

      However i do not know a single person that worked out the start menu is exactly the same as the window 7 one - (Pin icons like you use to it or hit windows key and start searching for what you want.) That has wanted to go back to the slow windows 7.

    Hopefully they fix up the mess that is 8. Give us the option to disable metro entirely, and give us back out start menu!

      They have given that ability in the latest Service Pack for Win8.

        No they haven't.

        They've brought the start button back but all it does is open metro. There is still no start menu.

          If you really want a start button use Start8 or Pokki or some other 3rd party app.

          While I think they need to do a bit of work on app discoverability, i have 22 columns in the apps view its hard to find if i don't know the name, which isn't very often, metro is great.

            I'm aware you can bring the start menu back with third party applications but I was specifically addressing the claim that MS brought it back with 8.1, which they didn't. They brought the button back, but not the menu.

            I already have start8, but that doesn't change the fact that it should be built into the OS.

            Also this may just be me, but I like being able to search my programs without covering the entire screen with a launcher like metro.

      I don't understand this. If don't want windows 8 then don't use it lol. Windows 8 is what it is, if you can't adapt then stay with windows 7.

      I have bought every windows version (whether it came with a new PC or I bought seperately), and I have never had any issues. Agreed Win 8 was a bit different but just takes a little getting used to. For power users who get mixed up - since they are power users, just install a 3rd party app if you can't deal with it lol.

        What a strange dichotomy. Either love the new one or use the old. I love the improved speed of booting, the generally better memory management, most of the behind the scenes stuff. I just don't like Metro.

        Surely it's quite reasonable to want a technically more efficient code, but an equally pleasant desktop user interface.

          This. I upgraded for the performance boost, but I shouldn't have to pay an extra $5-10 buying a third-party app just to fix what Microsoft decided to remove.

    W8 is a mess, with native apps that are mostly pretty useless. There are a lot of very poor quality apps in the Windows Store, and I find myself going back to the desktop and running real applications because they work so much better. The only W8 apps I use are for news and weather. It really needs a new UI paradigm.

    Say what you will about Windows 8, the real kick in the nuts for Microsoft is the fact that the majority of business are not even bothering to develop apps for their platform now. The vast majority are developing apps exclusively for iOS & Android. They are pretty much screwed.

      Yeah, they have no hope getting into that market, they need to stick to traditional enterprise and power user desktop apps, that's were their main market is.

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