RumbleRail Boombox Plays Any Midi Tune On Old Disk Drives

YouTube is about to hit peak saturation on those 'old computer hardware plays random song' videos thanks to Simon Schoar's RumbleRail. Instead of random components all hastily hacked together, it lets anyone build a rather elegant-looking floppy disk jukebox that plays any MIDI file from an SD card.

All of the necessary plans, schematics and software are available for download on GitHub, so while you don't really need to have any coding skills, you'll need to be familiar with wiring electronics and soldering to build your own.

RumbleRail Boombox Plays Any Midi Tune on Old Disk Drives

And you'll of course need to supply your own everything when it comes to the hardware, including old disk drives. But you've probably got enough older family members with ageing computers to harvest everything you'll need. [~of Simon Schoar via Damn Geeky]

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