Randomly Confessing To Murder During A Conversation Seems A Good Way To Pick Up

Non-sequiturs are often employed for comedic purposes, but what if you were to inject random, yet serious-sounding remarks during a regular conversation? Such is the... technique... Andrew Hales adopted when he recently approached complete strangers, engaged them in conversation and then dropped one or two emotional (and criminal) bombshells.

For the most part, his, uh, victims give no attention to his off-the-mark comments and continue to help him with his original query (which usually involves locating a cafeteria or library). The exception is the last woman, who appears more than a little interested in Hales after he pays her a compliment, but soon follows up with the classic pick-up line "I killed a guy".

If you'd think this would put her off, it doesn't, though considering the way Hales delivers the line, it comes across as an actual non-sequitur. I'd have totes giggled, but then, I have killed a guy.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]

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