PrioVR Is The Virtual Reality Gaming Suit Of Your Dreams

Sure, the Oculus Rift can get you close to the game, but you still have to use a controller to walk around. What if your body movements were perfectly replicated in-game thanks to a sophisticated sensor suit you wore on your body? That’s the promise of the PrioVR, and oh-boy, does it look promising.

The PrioVR is a suit of nine sensors that you attach to your body, head and arms, along with two hand-held joysticks that control your movement and weapon actions. Imagine laser tag meets Elysium and you’re there.

It promises a latency below 10ms as all the tracking is done on-board the nine sensors worn by the player. The only thing the computer handles is communication back and forth between the suit to save on processing power.

The concept is simple: the wearer moves his body in any direction and the player moves in the game. We saw it demonstrated with a zombie first-person shooter, which made us think just how awesome it would be when combined with something like Day Z Alpha.

Interestingly, the company behind it didn’t reach the required funding for the PrioVR on Kickstarter earlier this year, but supposedly that has “taught them a lot” about how to go about trying again.

What we saw at CES was described as a “high-functioning prototype”, which means you probably won’t be able to buy it for a loooong time. At least we can still dream about it.

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    At 12 seconds he shoots something behind him, while looking away from the screen. How did he know where to aim?

      Same at 22sec, he could see it on the screen...

        At 22 he is at least looking at the screen. At 12 he rolls over and looks away from the screen.

          He's looking at the screen, what you're looking at is a pasted version of what he's looking at...!

            He is pretty clearly not looking at the screen.


            This would be great if he was using something like an Oculus Rift, but he isn't.

              Dude, look again... He's looking at his TV.... What you're looking at is a floating copy of what he';s looking at...!!

                I am so confused. Watch from 7 - 12 seconds of the video.

                - He lies down on the floor still looking at the TV.
                - He then rolls over and shoots in the opposite direction of the TV

                Unless there is a mirror somewhere there is no possible way that he can still be looking at the TV.

                Look at the guys head in relation to the furniture.


                That seems pretty clear? I don't understand what you are trying to say!

                @mdolley He is playing in second person mode, so he can see whats behind his avatar from his own real perspective. Can't explain it any clearer than that mate. Having said that, there's no point in getting 'yer nickers in a bunch over it either... :)

                Last edited 07/01/14 1:20 pm

                  I get that he can see behind him when he is looking at the screen, what I am saying is that he stops looking at the screen.

                  I am not question how he knows there is something behind him. That isn't an issue.

                  He rolls over and looks away from the screen to shoot a Zombie.
                  - How does he know if hit the zombie? He can't see the screen.
                  - How does he know if another zombie has walked up in front of him? He can't see the screen.

                  I don't know if were actually disagreeing with each other, I think we are just having trouble understand what each of us is saying.

                  Basically what I am saying is that any control scheme that requires you to turn away from your TV is stupid. Let's say 10 zombies are coming at you from behind, some to your left and some to your right - you then have to turn away from your TV for like 30 seconds and hope you hit each of them because you don't get any visual confirmation.

                  @mdolley Yeah, I think you're overthinking it. Could be that he just took a pot shot, and maybe next time he'll miss. Like I said before, it's not worth stressing over it...! :)

                  I guess the whole roll and shoot thing could just be a QTE.

                  Of course I am over-thinking it. This is the internet!

    A gaming suit of my dreams would have the crotch vibrate

      Totally. Why does this NOT have a vibrating crotch!? It's completely stupid without one. How do they think this will ever take off if the player can't really feel the game in the front of their pants? Just a stupid waste of money otherwise.

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