Original Pin Is A Customisable 35mm Pinhole Camera You Build Yourself

At first blush, the idea of building your own camera seems intimidating, until you realise that all it takes is a cardboard box with a hole in it. Obviously, if you want more functionality, you'll need to do some research, collect all the necessary bits and put the work in. Or, you could support the Original Pin on Kickstarter.

Like the promotional DIY Leica camera, the Original Pin starts out as a bunch of snap-together pieces. However, the resulting product — a 35mm pinhole camera — can actually take pictures, while the Leica just looked, well, pretty. It's also made from wood, if that appeals to your sense of aesthetics.

To get the basic kit, you'll need to pledge at least $US55, but that gets you almost everything you need to build your own camera — the exception is glue, which you'll have to source yourself.

How good are the photos it takes? Here are some sample shots.

The project is currently sitting at $US5,214 or its $US10,000 goal, with 48 days to go, so it's certain to be funded... and then some.

[Kickstarter, via PetaPixel]

Photos: Justin Howard