Notch Is A Fitness Tracking Gadget For The Data Obsessed

Notch Is A Fitness Tracking Gadget For The Data Obsessed

Sure, that Jawbone or Fitbit on your wrist/pants will tell you how many steps you’ve done in a day, but what if you want to go crazy and look up a whole bunch of data about how you’re actually moving about? That’s where Notch comes in: the new triangular tracking gadget that connects straight onto your clothes.

The key difference with Notch isn’t just the minuscule size, it’s the fact that you can put several Notch fobs onto your body and learn about how efficiently you’re moving your arms, legs and torso about.

Rather than track simple steps, Notch will capture your body mechanics — how you move around in your environment — before displaying it on your smartphone. Stick a few Notches on your clothing — either rolled up in your sleeve, worn on your wrist or clipped onto your shirt or pants — and let the application tell you everything about how you move in 3D.

It also transfers the movement data it collects over Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to save power.

The applications extend beyond fitness tracking, with the founders telling The Verge here at CES that it could be used for physiotherapy or sports players.

The Notch originally launched on Kickstarter for all of a week back in December, but was cancelled when the company realised that it would have to complete the campaign in the busy Christmas and New Year season: a tough ask.

Notch has now relaunched for pre-order with an undisclosed price, but judging from the reward tiers on the Kickstarter page, one can assume that a single Notch tracker will cost you $49, while multi-packs might be available for $99.

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