Watch NFL Players Dubbed Over For Comedic Effect (No Understanding Of NFL Required)

The Superbowl? Yeah, I honestly couldn't care less either. Fortunately, an appreciation of American Football is not required to laugh your face off at this clip where various gridiron players have their voices replaced with humorous alternatives. What do you expect from the same people that brought us the stomach-achingly hilarious Mediaeval Fun-Time World?

Much like BadLipReading's Game of Thrones parody, the quips range from straightforward funny ("Shortly I came across a wooden stick.") to the disturbing ("The ghost is near.") and somewhat surreal ("I didn't want to shoot the Russian guy pretending to be me.")

The best part? There are little to no references to the NFL, so it can be enjoyed by everyone, including those of us that would rather peel rocks than watch a game.


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