Motorised Bike Hides 21st-Century Tech With Turn-Of-The-Century Style

Local Motors, the madcap group behind the crowd-designed Rally Fighter off-road racer, wants to make motorised bicycles look cool. Specifically, 1900s board track motorcycle cool. I’d say they managed to do just that.

Local Motors’ Cruiser started out as a design challenge, with Ianis Vasilatos of Romania creating the winning style. The electric version offers up to 40 miles of range, while the gas-powered model, packing a 49cc Honda four-stroke engine, has a top speed of 34 MPH and sounds strikingly like the ancient motorcycles that inspired it. Having reached its crowdfunding goal, the concept now moves to production. At $US3,800, it ain’t cheap, and you’ll have to do a lot of commuting for the fuel savings to pay off. But you’ll look like a badass doing it. Just don’t forget your goggles. [Local Motors]