Beats Music Launching In Australia Within Months, Replacing MOG [Updated]

Australia will be the second country in the world to get access to Beats Music according to a post from Telstra's manager of Sport and Entertainment.

This morning we feared that MOG would be no more, but enterprising reader @barryhoney tipped us off that MOG would eventually become Beats Music, making Australia the second launch market for the product.

Telstra's head of Sport and Entertainment, Ryan Kaveny, said in Telstra's CrowdSupport forums:

Beats Music will launch in the US in a few weeks time and only be available in that country.
Beats Music will eventually replace MOG as a product, we are likely to launch Beats later this year (pre June 30) and will be the 2nd country in the world to do so. There is a lot of work which is required with technology/legal/product/content which is ongoing to make the service the best possible experience for Australians and not just a direct copy of what is available in the US. We will certainly be looking after our current MOG subscribers!
As with any new product and partnerships there are many things which need to remain confidential until the appropriate timing is right, but we expect to have an outstanding offer in market with Beats Music and we believe it will be the best music streaming product in the market.

Whether or not there will be a stop-gap replacement before the MOG service goes offline in April remains to be seen. Update: Telstra tells us that MOG will be live in Australia until the Beats Music transition can take place. April 15 is just the shut down date for the US service, and other territories will be shut down only when they can be transferred onto the new service. When the timing is right Telstra will be in contact with MOG subscribers about plans to ensure a smooth transition onto the Beats Music service, we're told.

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    I hope the music service is better than the headphones.

    LOL! Is it bad that as soon as I saw Beats taking over MOG - I immediately thought, yeah won't be bothering with that rubbish then :-)

    It's most likely going to be unmetered though....and Sonos already supports it;

    Hard to avoid now....but I'll stick with my Beyer's for headphones though!

    Last edited 22/01/14 9:51 pm

    MOG was a bit of a mess with continuity and the radio feature was pretty bad. Didn't really compete with other services, the one thing it had was the free data with Telstra which is why I signed up. So here's to hoping Beats will be a modern streamer that moves on from these issues.

    MOG is awesome. Worked seamlessly on Sonos via tablet app and phone app. I am being an old stick in the mud and do not want change....MOG has been fantastic as is.... what the eff is Beats?
    I'm not happy about this and don't want to have to sign up to one of the big ones that we hear about all the time as tho MOG never existed.


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