Listen To 37 Years Of Data From The Voyager Probes Transformed Into Music

It's hard to think of space as particularly musical, given sound has an extremely difficult time propagating though its expansive expansiveness. That hasn't stopped one enterprising individual from crafting an enchanting orchestral piece using data collected by the Voyager probes.

As The Guardian's Samuel Gibbs reports, Géant project manager Domenico Vicinanza felt he could come up with something very nice-sounding using nothing but measurements from the cosmic ray detectors of the space-bound vehicles. (Géant, by the way is the name of the data network that connects various European science project together.)

By using different types of instruments, it's easy to make out each craft in the composition. Here it is, for your listening pleasure:

It's good to know the average person doesn't have to sift through endless reams of complex data to enjoy the work science is doing in the dark void around us. You know, when there aren't any pretty pictures of stars and nebulae to drool over.

[SoundCloud, via The Guardian]

Image: NASA

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