Kogan Has A Sub-$1000 4K TV Now

We’ve watched on with envy as our Ameri-friends have enjoyed the option of sub-$1000 4K TVs for the last year, but now us Aussies can buy one too thanks to Kogan.

Unveiled at CES today, the LED 55-inch UHD/4K TV packs in a 3840x2160 resolution, four HDMI ports, Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet and microSD card slot.

It’s also a smart TV, running Android 4.2 with access to the Google Play store.

It’s shockingly thin when you see it in the flesh, with a bezel no larger than the width of your index finger.

The bezel and the stand are a sleek silver, while the rear of the TV is white. Ruslan Kogan told us this morning that there aren't any plans to do it in any other colour just yet.

Most 4K TVs from big players like Sony, Samsung or LG will run you at least $6000 in stores, but this one will be available online from late-January for $999.

The closest competitor to Kogan's sub-$1000 4K is Hisense, who is selling a 55-inch TV for $2499.

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    I wouldn't touch anything with Kogans name on it. The guy is a tool.

      because he's not pandering to the "gerry harvey's" of this world by ripping everyone off? (given most stuff made in China attracts a ~1000% markup once it reaches our shores)

        Where you got that figure of 1000% markup. Rather pay bit more for my tv knowing i've got backup support when needed.

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          Wait, they actually serve you in HN?

          I feel like every time I go there I could be holding the cash and still not get served. Usually end up going somewhere else.

            I've done this and still not been served. Maybe because we look like savvy buyers. Or maybe because the staff were too consumed in gossiping to care about commission.
            I figure if I looked stupid or maybe middle-aged, they'd swarm on me with $1000 HDMI cables and top-end laptops to send emails to my grandkids etc.

              Ha! That's it! If you want to get served at any of these retailers, head straight for the Monster cables.

              Harvey Norman sucks... but how much commission do you think they actually make? I can assure you that it's chicken feed.

                It would have to be a big friggin' chicken...

            Yeah its not my main store to go to, actually prefer Bing Lee, but must be lucky with the stores got here, all pretty helpful.

              Probably because you meet Robb's description of their ideal walking wallet customer.

            Exactly. Always the worst service at hardly normals. I advise everyone to avoid them. They are the bottom of the barrel.

            Wow, thought it was just me who turns into the invisible man when visiting Harvey Norman.

          You've got to be kidding right? Harvey and the gang are almost less likely to help you if you have any issues. Stop trying to justify the fact that you clearly got ripped off the last time you bought a TV :)

            After having 2 kogan tv's, I would never EVER buy another. From backlight bleeding to random freezes and crap quality remotes, Kogan tv's are cheap because they are cheap, just because they have a Samsung panel doesn't mean it is as good as the Samsung tv's, a lot goes into image processing and back lighting, all of which sucks on kogan tvs.

            Everyone who said you are wasting your money buying elsewhere clearly knows nothing about tvs, or are not in the market for a tv with really good picture.

            I would only ever buy name brands from kogan, never kogan branded.


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              Dude these are the stores they merely FOUND doing this. I can guarantee you Oxley and Browns Plains in Brisbane both do this as well...

                Oh i know, but one i have been to, ain't nothing like the ones in that article.

                  "Mine is special, I swear guys... they treat me like a real human being and serve me as if I were not a pay cheque with legs..."

                  That is kinda how your last post sounds. The reality is that HN is a joke, I haven't personally bought anything from kogan, but if Telstra hate them they can't be all that bad.

                Harvey Norman's great! I like to go and physically look at a product, see if it suits, then go somewhere else and buy it for a shiteload less!

                Last edited 11/01/14 4:06 pm

                  lmao pretty much. I like to personally go to JB Hifi for most of my stuff. They at least don't give me a hassle when I go for a refund if something breaks.

      The TVs are alright though.

        Panels generally come from somewhere reputable anywhere
        I dont want to brag but when that cheap chinese supplier said they were going to be making cheap 4K TV's I called it that in no less than 6 months we would see them rebranded as a kogan

          I don't want to brag, but I'm kind of a big deal.

          I have many leather bound books

            Are they real leather? I have to know if they're real leather because they have to go with a sofa. Everything else in my house is real.

              200 what? Are they leather bound pounds? Sorry, I need leather bound pounds to go with my wallet, next!

                Great Black Books reference.

                You made me chuckle out loud in my very quiet office.

                Black Books..... Ahhh you are all legends for knowing this!

      Wheres the curve? Ain't buying this 4K rubbish unless it's curved or I can strap it to my wrist.

      People don't care what kind of person he is, only what he has to offer.

      The owner of ozgameshop.com can be a freaking velociraptor for all I care..... actually.... if he was a velociraptor I'd probably spend a shit-ton more money....

      I have a 42" android 4.2 TV Kogan and its great!!! I don't care if he is a tool, I care about what I'm saving and then spend that savings on the family.

        Question. On your kogan TV can you turn the motion intopolation off? Or is it on permanently causing artifacts on fast motion scenes (particularly outdoor scenes getting halo effect around people) all bullshit aside that's what I've seen on the only kogan TV's I've ever seen. If that's the case with these sets then send them back to China and don't waste our time.

        Last edited 12/01/14 2:05 am

      Hey I have an idea, If you dont want one, dont buy one - you're welcome

      Last edited 10/01/14 10:22 pm

      how can you call this guy a tool.. he is having a crack and giving australian an opportunity to buy products at a very good price.. sure some people will have a few problems with some gear hear or there same with name brands... you do not have to buy anything but kogan stuff is good/ cheap enough and you can get an extended warranty.. besides what are you doing online for australians probably nothing just sitting home whinging..
      i have friends in outback WA who do not have speciality stores in a small town and kogan online is fantastic for them and im sure many other australians...

      its reasonable quality and gets delivered with warranty..


    I'll wait until the review... and if its good....
    if not.... at least it will force the other brands to lower their prices.
    hmmm... android powered smart tv.... *installs emulators*

      Kogan already have Andriod 4.2 TV's available. I bought the 42" for the bedroom when it came out a few months back. OK TV for the bedroom, but I'd call the Andriod Smart TV functionality flakey at best. I'm looking to put a mini PC or some other type of media box on it to do what I want with it.

      4k Pokemon/Zelda on the GBA Emulator. Its like every child's dream...

      Except that can't have it; It's just for those who can afford a 4k TV. (And if the price is right* then Kogan is the way to go)

      *If the reviews are good too.

        If you can't afford a 4K tv, that is not a reason to buy a cheapo 4K tv. I would rather a good quality 1080tv over a kogan 4k tv.

        The Tv's kogan sell currently are only good for people who don't care about picture quality.

    Yeah Definitely waiting for the review...

    Also interested to know that game (I hope) that is running in the article picture!

      I think that may be Battlefield 4 single player. I haven't played through single player yet but it definetly looks like it.

        Think its BF3 single player, the co-pilot jet section

      That would be Battlefield 3 (single campaign)

      Its just BF4 right?
      Can't you tell from all that blue hue and the massive amounts of lens flare

      Last edited 10/01/14 9:22 am

    If it's good I know where my next TV is coming from.

    When it becomes available to buy, can Giz please do a review? I'm interested, but would hate to end up with a rubbish TV full of blur and ghosting.

      Yeah, I'm hesitant to buy something sight-unseen

      I'd be a little cautious, the Hisense 4K TVs are pretty average and I'd doubt these to be much better. Technically they display at 3840x2160, but you get a lot of blur/lost detail in the finer parts of images even at 4K, and if you run anything lower resolution they're even worse.

      I'll hold judgement until seeing one, and unfortunately that'll be hard since you can't see it before you buy. I'd expect it to be good value for a <$1000 TV...but I wouldn't expect it to stack up to the Samsung or the Sony UHDs.

        Yea wonder how good their upscaling processor would be,my guess is it would be worse than Hisense.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that a padfone type connection for a tv would be ok? Want Android, plug your phone into the unit and enjoy good hardware and such. Android would need to be tweaked for it to work well on TVs via the phone, but could be ok.

      I think that's the idea behind Miracast. To do all of that but wirelessly.

    Will it work when delivered. Everybody I know who has purchased TV's from Kogan either was DOA, tuner out of sync or faulty and had to be shipped back....

      In the family we have had several, while the UI's are pretty basic and crap the TV's themselves have been OK. Never had a faulty unit. Three TV's and a Camcorder so far.

      ive bought 12 of them now and not had one issue

        I'm imagining you either:
        a: have a kick-ass loungeroom set up of dreams with 12 TVs or
        b: go through TVs like I go through... things I go through quickly.

        Either way, I'm chuckling and in awe of either.

          6 of them to refit our boardrooms at work
          2 for home
          2 for my dads office
          2 for my in laws holiday home


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    how well do 4K downscale to 1080p? Do they do it well?
    Does it look blocky?
    So it would be 4 pixels for one regular pixel instead?

    any ideas?

      What you mean is how well 720p/1080p upscales to 4K, will it look like a blurry mess? Probably not as no one really has 4K content anyway its upscaling will be important otherwise people will be sending them back.

    I have heard from a friend of mine who is in the TV manufacturing industry that the 4K is only software driven not hardware driven, it's not a true 4K picture.
    Also it is not coming out of one of the big name factories, it's coming out of a panel producer in the north of China.

      Not sure what you mean by only software driven?

      My understanding is that its incorrect for a panel like this to be labelled 4K at all, as it is a specific standard that goes beyond resolution/aspect and encompasses video encoding as well.

        Most videos are not in 4K resolution, software has to upscale. Once the demand is there for higher resolution video, it will become more common and more affordable.

    Neither of the 139cm Sony 4K televisions is anywhere near $6000.

    Put the money into content.
    Who wants to watch PUNK'D or DOOL / B&B on 4K.
    Better to deploy decent quality SD / HD bandwidth and put the extra space to better use (NBN-W anyone)
    Oh well - what do I know

    There is a lot of enmity toward Kogan products however I have bought a number of them and they all work quite well. When price is taken into account they are quite amazing. I have found support to be at least as good as any others and mostly actually better.

      Today I learnt a new word, enmity, thank you.

    Don't know why people wouldn't want to buy from Kogan considering the panels they make are just rebranded Samsung etc. The only thing that would make this TV different from the others is the processing.

    Also if you find your going to watch a lot of 1080p make sure you get a good upscaling player or you get a TV that has a great processor to do it natively (such as the sony 4K). If your not a cinema enthusiast but still appreciate a quality image you don't have to spend the big bucks.

      Not only is the software and backlighting just as important as the panel, but when you're getting a 4k panel while most of your content will still be 720p or 1080p, all of a sudden the upscaling abilities become even more important than the panel.

      I want this to be good, but have serious doubts the software can meet the hardware potential. at least bare minimum tight arse high "spec" buyers will snap these up and help drive down the price of quality units.

        Depends upon the sources. If it is mostly Blu-Rays, then buy a $200+ Samsung player and get quality upscaling.

        Or get an Oppo that has a HDMI input and upscale everything for $700+.

        At any rate, if the 4K is sufficient of itself, then feeding it with quality upscaled sources is a LOT cheaper than paying for a name 4K TV.

        Having said that, the Samsung 4K 55F9000A screen quality is better than any other I've seen.

    I have only seen 1 Kogan TV in real life and it is the worst TV i have ever seen.
    It can't be used to play games as causes verticle breaks in the screen holding the picture longer than the rest of the screen.

    I would order one of these today if i could see it personally before i buy. But due to what i have seen and read i will wait.

    Pixel count is only one spec. LCDs need 200hz to be worth the money (IMO). Then there are black levels, colour gamut etc to take into account. The 4k hisense model is truly awful because it only has one decent spec.

    Kōgan (睾丸) is Japanese for Testicle. It's a pretty ironic match because the guy is a dick and most of what he sells is knackered.

    Happy to wait for a more detailed review before jumping to any conclusions. Unless of course they demo'd a new jump to conclusions mat at CES.

    FYI. I have bought three tv's from Kogan in the last 12 months and had no issues with any . In actual fact I bought Four, after I paid for the fourth, I realized that the delivery time was longer than I had realized, this was MY mistake, but I cancelled the order. Kogan refunded my money within 24 hrs via paypal with no questions asked! I also just bought two smart watches from Kogan this Xmas, they were about $90 cheaper than everyone else and we're delivered within 3 days. Personally, I think it is companies like Kogan, that are responsible for other companies lowering their prices.
    Let's face it, you aren't going to please Everybody, but at least if you have a good attitude to your customers, they will keep coming back.
    Just my two cents worth.


    As I play BF4

    On a giant Kogan TV.

    I don't care if the guy is a tool. I'm not sure if anyone has actually noticed how worked up people are getting over a TV; we're all tools.

    Your funny, service and Harvey Norman are mutually exclusive. It really depends on how good the sales person you speak to is, or how hard their prepared to work. Given commission doesn't exist for these staff members at competitive price points (they are below threshold of commission). Getting any service from the staff is a rarity. Unless your an old lady who can be ripped on price,their is no incentive for the staff to sell you anything which would otherwise only lead to more work.
    How do I know all this, I worked for them once upon a time.

      Actually, when we went into the HN Auburn store, there were no shortage of people to serve us. In fact, we just wanted to look, so it was a bit disruptive to keep being asked if we wanted their help.

      This was in contrast to Dick Smith or Myers or many other stores.

    I own a Kogan TV, and while it's not as good as a high end Samsng or LG LED, it matches their mid-range screens at half the price.

    The closest competitor to Kogan’s sub-$1000 4K is Hisense, who is selling a 55-inch TV for $2499.

    Sorry but thats incorrect, Seiki has been offering 4K displays for under 1000$ for the last 6-8 months:


    And these displays are well tested and reviewed in the 4K shooter community.

      But try buying one in Australia!

      This is where Kogan can be a game-changer for us Aussies.

    Wait... you people speak all this irrelevant crap...and yet all *my* posts are screened?

    OT though: I bought a Kogan 50" 100Hz 3D TV on special just before the new year.
    ...It's pretty damn good.
    It serves as a media display for my laptop & NUC, through which I record any TV worth watching, making the TVs inbuilt PVR and tuner totally moot.
    Given that it's response time is better than the previous monitor I used for gaming, I have considered testing it as a blindingly large PC screen too... alas I am a coward.
    So to me it's really just a bigass 1920x1080 monitor... and it works very well in this respect.

    It'll be a while before I need anything bigger, but i'll certainly be price-lurking kogan when something suitably juicy is available.

    Consumers need to understand that some sellers are cheap, and you are not paying for service or smiles. Conversely some sellers are not cheap, and you do pay for stuff you may not end up needing. .. like the electricity, rates, insurance and stand-around staff in the massive showrooms.
    Have your own preference and take your pick.
    Sanctimonious argument over this individual preference is naive and..well... pretty obnoxious.

      I like how you say everyone else's comments are irrelevant and yet you give no insight into the performance of your set is to say it's pretty damn good.

      Can you comment on whether they have fixed the problems with the motion interpolation? Motion blurring? Ghosting? Halo artifacts? This has plagues not only Kogan but all other entry level sets I have had experience with.

        Y'know, now that you point all those things out...
        I still don't notice any of them.

        It's a bigass tv, and for my dollar it works quite well as an HTPC screen.
        Even more so now that I have hooked up a small stereo & speakers a neighbour tossed out - which would be my only real gripe so far: the downwards facing, rather inadequate built-in speakers.
        It would be an unusual TV, but if they left out the PVR and speakers entirely, and commensurately lowered the cost a little, it would be even more appealing for my purposes. In fact ditch the TV tuner too...
        yeah, I know, too niche.
        Modular component TV ftw.

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