Kogan Has A Sub-$1000 4K TV Now

Kogan Has A Sub-$1000 4K TV Now

We’ve watched on with envy as our Ameri-friends have enjoyed the option of sub-$1000 4K TVs for the last year, but now us Aussies can buy one too thanks to Kogan.

Unveiled at CES today, the LED 55-inch UHD/4K TV packs in a 3840×2160 resolution, four HDMI ports, Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet and microSD card slot.

It’s also a smart TV, running Android 4.2 with access to the Google Play store.

It’s shockingly thin when you see it in the flesh, with a bezel no larger than the width of your index finger.

The bezel and the stand are a sleek silver, while the rear of the TV is white. Ruslan Kogan told us this morning that there aren’t any plans to do it in any other colour just yet.

Most 4K TVs from big players like Sony, Samsung or LG will run you at least $6000 in stores, but this one will be available online from late-January for $999.

The closest competitor to Kogan’s sub-$1000 4K is Hisense, who is selling a 55-inch TV for $2499.