Kim Dotcom Releases Electropop Album (Listen For Free!)

Kim Dotcom Releases Electropop Album (Listen For Free!)

Last year, Kim Dotcom released a single dance track, and at the time he threatened to release an album. Now, as part of the launch of his new music streaming service, it’s here.

As part of the launch of Baboom, Dotcom’s new music streaming site that looks like Rdio and MySpace mashed together, he’s released a full album called Good Times. In fact, it’s the only album on the site right now.

A kind of dance/europop nightmare turned digital reality, it features contributions from Printz Board (one of’s buddies), Mona Dotcom (Kim’s wife) and some other random people you’ll never have heard of. Perhaps not genuinely worth listening to, but worth it for a laugh. And, hey, it’s free.

The album is part of the publicity for Baboom, which will eventually let you stream and download music by (real) artists. Interestingly, the site seems to offer support for high-definition audio (well, FLAC and 320Kbps MP3 at any rate), as well as an ads-for-free-music scheme. The site will no doubt grow in the coming months.

It’s not Dotcom’s first venture into the world of music. Last year he released a single, and before that he was involved with a star-studded MegaUpload song that was way, way catchier than it had any right to be. Maybe he’ll stop soon? [Baboom via Engadget]