Kia Reboots The Matrix For Its Superbowl Ad

In a bid to sell the new, 'luxurious' K900, Kia has decided to jack back into The Matrix universe, dragging Morpheus back into his favourite "blue pill, red pill" mode. It's actually a fairly honest tribute.

The crux of the ad is to experience a new kind of luxury outside of the world offered by Mercedes and BMW. It's a bold pitch to tell someone about to drop cash on a 5-Series that they should think of a Kia instead, but each to his own.

Morpheus, Agents and bendy spoons are all back for another go-around in this Kia superbowl ad. Who knew the leader of the Resistance could sing such great opera?

Incidentally, a K900 sounds like an old Motorola phone from the 90's rather than a car, doesn't it? Turns out there is a Lenovo phone sold internationally called the K900, released a few years ago. The more you know, I guess.

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