June Is A Smart Bracelet To Save You From The Australian Sun

June Is A Smart Bracelet To Save You From The Australian Sun

The Australian summer is here, and you’re likely sitting at your desk, wincing every time you move because you forgot sunscreen or you fell asleep in the sun like an idiot. June from netatmo wants to save you from yourself.

It’s primarily designed for women, the company tells us (how bout that reverse sexism, huh?), and it’s meant to learn your sun exposure habits and recommend to you via an app on your phone when to go inside.

It also looks like a piece of jewellery, with a stone-like cut and shiny gold, silver or black finish. It’s stylish looks come from the likes of a female French designer who has worked with several high-profile fashion outlets before.

The June takes several things into consideration while you wear it, as it learns everything from your skin type, location (England has different weather than Australia, after all) and times in the day in which you travel outside.

It then makes recommendations to keep your skin from sizzling. The recommendations include telling you to put on a hat, telling you to apply sunscreen and recommending which SPF level would be good for you.

It’s coming to Australia for around $99 in Q2.