Intel Edison: This SD-Card Micro-Computer Is The Coolest Thing At CES

Oh Intel. Oh Intel. You crazy, beautiful bastards. Meet the Edison. It’s a dual-core computer that literally fits inside an SD Card-sized footprint. And you thought the Raspberry Pi was impressive.

The Edison is packing an unbelievable amount of power for the footprint in which it lives. It’s a dual-core system with a 400MHz large core and a variable smaller core that clocks between 50MHz and 200MHz. It’s packing 500MB of RAM (!!) as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication abilities.

That all might not add up to much by modern standards, but this thing fits inside a freaking SD card. Whoa.

Intel wants to use the Edison as the brain of 2014’s smart wearable technology. The company showed off the Edison powering weird stuff like a tiny smart toy car and a smart coffee cup (???), but we’re sure it’s going to be stuck inside something much cooler before the year is out.

The Edison will be on the market so to speak in mid-2014.



    The Raspberry Pi also cost around $30

    Though this is very very cool :)

      With shipping to Australia the Pi B was over $50 last time I looked.

        If you're interested, a friend of mine sells them, yeah, $50, but MUCH cheaper shipping :-)

        Check out element14. Aussie based. I got mine for about $54 with a case, hdmi cable and USB cable. Free delivery over $45 - and I got mine in less than 24 hours from when I ordered it.

        The website is kind of confusing but they're very reliable.

        But I'm pretty sure this would be the same cost as the Pi here, and it probably wouldn't make as good a media centre.

        Dude get them from element 14 in Au.. $38 AUD and if you get 2 or spend more than $55 its free shipping. AND! its same day delivery in sydney if you order before 12 i thnk

    Does it come with an SD card slot?

      More important than you think. The interface bus will be the a major bottleneck: that's why it's aimed at apps with low data rates [body sensors, coffee cups]. Throw it in a pixel-mashing Oculus Rift and it's swamped.

    Plug it into an SD port to program it, then into a device! Nice.

    So this is almost like a GameCube in an SD card?

    How long until they release the Micro-SD version?


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