Here’s What iOS Might Actually Look Like In Your Car

Last week, app developer Steven Troughton-Smith showed some purported screen captures of what in-car iOS could look like. Today, he has a video on YouTube showing how dashboard iOS might look in action. It looks nice if a little bit limited in its current form.

In the video’s description, Troughton-Smith says everything you see here is available in the standard-issue iOS 7.0.3 running on iDevices in the wild, though he cautions that it took a whole lot of work to unearth it. It seems the in-dash setup only displays whatever’s on the connected iPhone’s screen (so no multitasking), and with no keyboard, Troughton-Smith says voice recognition is the only input.

Obviously, a lot could change before this setup starts showing up in cars on showroom floors, but with Google revving up its in-car presence, it’s only a matter of time. [Steven Troughton-Smith via AppleInsider]