15 Minutes Of Ronald D. Moore's Helix

We've mentioned Helix — Ronald D. Moore's next sci-fi show — previously on Gizmodo. In fact, a trailer didn't come out all that long ago, promising a healthy amount of awesome when the series debuts on January 10 (though who knows when it'll appear locally). Trailers, however, aren't as good as an actual episode, so here's 15 minutes of the first one so you can pass a more educated judgement.

It starts in both a curious and horrifying fashion and the title sequence very reminiscent of Lost. I'm not entirely sold on Billy Campbell, who plays Dr Alan Farragut. I can't really put my finger on it, but he's not that convincing as a CDC scientist.

To be fair, it's the first episode — and only 15 minutes at that — so hopefully everyone involved becomes more comfortable in their roles and the material in future outings.

[YouTube, via Blastr]

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