Fan-Made RoboCop From Over 50 Filmmakers Is As Random As It Sounds

So the new RoboCop movie is looking solid, even if it departs a little (OK, a lot) from the Paul Verhoeven-directed original. Not that the average person has the resources to craft their own perfect retelling, unless you add another 49 or so other persons with movie-making skills to the cauldron and then, maybe, you might have what you need.

This is pretty much what "Our RoboCop Remake" is, a trailer for which you can find above. Essentially a crowd-sourced version of 1987's RoboCop from both "amateur and professional" filmmakers, Our RoboCop Remake is a statement — of sorts — against Hollywood's obsession with remaking classic flicks that don't necessarily require a new take.

Or 50 new takes that mix live-action with toys, cartoons and 3D animation. Yes, it looks reasonably mad.

Sadly, there's no complete version online, however, the project's about page says the full product will be screened in New York and LA later this month. Hopefully, this will be followed by an online version, so the rest of the planet can enjoy this chaotic, robo-powered mash-up.

[Our RoboCop Remake, via Blastr]

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