Don't Pay Money For Soylent, You Can Make It At Home!

Soylent, the all-nutrients-no-chewing foodslurry of the purported future, landed big-time investor money last year. But why wait for mass-produced future-food when you can make it at home?

Turns out, the drink of the future is made from pretty common ingredients — flours, olive oil, a little salt, etc. And it's vegan, who knew? Though, judging by Riesman's reaction, the flavour might need a little tweaking. [New York Magazine via Digg]


    SoyLent? Geez, I hope that it's not SoyLent Green!

      haha yeah worst product name ever! Did the guy who founded this even watch the movie?

        If you watch the whole movie, there are a variety of Soylent products with varying nutritional value, made from soy and other crops, hence their name. They are subsistence foods for an overpopulated world. Soylent green came about because (IIRC) global warming was affecting the ocean based crops, so they went for another source of protein.

        So with that being the case, Soylent is a perfectly good name.

          Not sure if everyone has watched the movie, but most people would be aware of Soylent Green.

          @Jase, blah (and I) are referring to the 1960s Sci-Fi movie "Soylent Green". In that movie, the product soylent green was made from people. So, with that being the case, soylent is a perfectly awful name :-)

            Haha yeah I couldn't eat a product called soylent, the same as I couldn't eat a chocolate bar called dog shit, even if it contained no dog shit and was delicious.

      You can't be that dense, he named it that way because of the movie. It was to stir discussion. I swear the ignorance of most people.

        I was being jocular, stupid. Geez, the ignorance of some people!

    Seems like a lot of soy for a male.

    Also, doesn't he mean lecithin?

    If Soylent Green is people...then what is Soylent brown???

      Human excrement... It has less carbs :)

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    It's not a matter of putting together the micro and macro nutrients required for a persons daily intake. There are more complicated metabolic processors associated with nutrient combinations of eating food (in it's entirety) that we still don't understand exactly.

    But I bet a well made Soylent is much closer to a balanced diet with the correct DIA than 90+ % of people eat.

      Agree that people lack the proper nutrition, but supplements cannot replace eating food yet as we know so little about how food is metabolised. It's more complicated.

    There are a buttload of recipes for soylent... I rolled my own.

    The point of the Soylent stuff is that you don't have to put any effort into making anything yourself.
    Of course you can make that crappy stuff yourself if you were rather slow in the head, if not you'd make far more delicious and varied recipes.
    People forget to mention that there are already diet replacements on the market that have been around for decades that are medically tested, nicely flavoured and actually recommended by doctors for people that cannot eat normal food. Soylent is nothing but a buzz product.

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