Doctor Who And Cards Against Humanity Were Meant For Each Other

The often intentionally hilarious game Cards Against Humanity is so straightforward to grok that coming up with your own disturbing selection of cards is scarily simple. But applying a somewhat adult Doctor Who theme to the creative process? That take brilliance.

The appropriately named "Cards Against Gallifrey" from Conventional Improv takes many a reference from the long-enduring TV series and transforms them into somewhat less appropriate turns of phrase.

Here, take a look at a sampling of cards below:

With such delicious sentences as "Pointing at your crotch and saying "Allons-y", "Kidnapping a barely-legal woman to time travel with" and "Fondling a Dalek's slippery bits", you'll have plenty of material to play your own awkward game of, uh, Cards Against Who-manity.

The full set of cards can be downloaded for a limited time from DropCanvas.

[Geek Art Gallery]

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