Do Kids Really Need A Smartwatch?

Do Kids Really Need a Smartwatch?

At the London Toy Fair 2014, VTech has decided that the recent trend in wearable electronics should apply to kids too. So the company's new Kidizoom Smartwatch straps a 1.4-inch colour touchscreen display, 0.3-megapixel camera, and various games, apps and clock faces to your kids' wrist for somewhere around $US66.

But do kids really need to wear a smartwatch? No one's even sure if adults need to wear one, and companies like Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm have yet to put forth a convincing argument in their favour. What do you think? Does this prepare kids for an inevitable future where we're all talking into our wrists, or is this just an attempt to sell a half-baked technology to a demographic who will gobble up anything with a built-in game? [Pocket-lint]

Do Kids Really Need a Smartwatch?

Pictures: Pocket-lint

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