Gorilla Glass Will Be Coming Soon To A Curved Phone Near You

Gorilla Glass Will Be Coming Soon To a Curved Phone Near You

Gorilla Glass, Corning's enormously sturdy scratch and crack-resistant touchscreen glass, is pretty impressive, found on billions of devices worldwide. Now, the glass maker has announced a novel manufacturing technique to make 3D shapes out of Gorilla Glass.

The ability to make 3D-shaped glass (which is different from flexible glass) comes at an important time, as smartphone makers are seriously contemplating a world where touchscreens aren't just flat planes anymore. And with wearable displays looking like the next step for electronics, durable, 3D-shaped touchscreen glass is sure to become a necessity.

What fancy new gadgets might be sporting it? Expect to find out next week. [Corning via CultOfMac]

Image: Shutterstock / Peter Sobolev

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