Build A Classic Korg MS-20 Synth With This Kit — Plus A New Keytar!

Build A Classic Korg MS-20 Synth With This Kit — Plus A New Keytar!

Announced exactly a year ago, the Korg MS-20 Mini analogue synth is a lovely reboot of the classic 1970s instrument that inspired it. More than just a fun nostalgic throwback, it was a gnarly synth with an almost endlessly versatile sound. If buying an MS-20 Mini feels a little to contemporary — or the 1/8th patch cables too inauthentic — the company is now offering 1:1 replica of the original MS-20. You’ve just got to build it yourself. Like IKEA.

The MS-20 Kit allows you to build an MS-20 that’s identical to the original except that like the MS-20 Mini, it’s got MIDI and USB MIDI circuitry on board. The best part about the kit? No soldering or advanced electronics knowledge required. It’s like assembling store bought furniture: All of the satisfaction of building with none of the pain. Plus, the end product isn’t garbage that you’re going to throw away in a year.

Also, since Korg has been making a habit of rebooting classic products, here’s another: a new Keytar! Do you think I’m joking? Does she look like she’s joking?

Originally released in 1984, the RK100 Keytar is a classic, and with the RK100S, Korg is bringing it back. Not only is the new model thinner and lighter than the hulking original — it has a built-in analogue sound module now, so that you don’t have to use external modeler to give the synth its wacky sound. As with most reboots, you get you’re getting MIDI compatibility so you can model sounds using your computer.

Additionally, the new RK100S has adds a bunch of new sonic features including a pair of ribbon controllers which allow you to warp sound and bends sounds — a lot like guitar strings. New sound modes include and arpeggiator and a vocoder. This thing is a powerful 1980s sound machine.

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