Breakfast Wrap: Friday Night’s Top Stories

Breakfast Wrap: Friday Night’s Top Stories

New Species Of Sea Slug Named After Khaleesi From ‘Game Of Thrones’ If Khaleesi was a sea slug… that’s exactly what I think she would look like.

How Daft Punk Made ‘One More Time’ From A Sample It Says It Never Used Now you know why it sounded so goddamn familiar.

DreamWorks Dreamtab: A $300 Android Tab For Kids Full Of Cool Content Never mind the kids — they can have the iPad. I want one of these for me!

Home Depot Designs A Better Bucket It’s about time the bucket was overhauled. And it’s cheaper than any bucket I’ve purchased.

Rumour: YouTube Will Debut Low-Bandwidth 4K Streaming Next Week Say what? Low-bandwith 4K?

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