Be Utterly Creeped Out By This Documentary On Alien

When it comes to enjoying the near-perfect blend of horror with science fiction, few films deliver as satisfyingly as Ridley Scott's Alien. If you're keen to find out how this terrifying classic was put together, this mammoth, retro documentary should do the trick.

The documentary is split into two YouTube clips; the first one clocks in at an hour and 57 minutes, while the second is 23 minutes' long. For those following along at home, that's two hours of behind-the-scenes Alien goodness.

For those willing to indulge, you'll see interviews with Sigourney Weaver, HR Giger and of course, director Ridley Scott. As's Alison Nastasi notes, it's clear that all involved were just as unsettled by the flick's content as audiences eventually were.

On an unrelated note, who'd have though Ian Holm (who plays the android Ash) would go on to be Bilbo Baggins?


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