Australia Should Become Space Tourism Base Says Astronaut

Space tourism is coming. It’s just a matter of time. Aussie astronaut, Andy Thomas, wants his homeland to get ahead of the curve and build a space tourism base, saying that Australia is the perfect place for one. Whaddaya know.

Speaking at the University of South Australia, Thomas said that Australia would be the best place for a space tourism base for the launch of orbital flights within just a few years.

Thomas told the ABC:

Australia would be an ideal place for some [space tourism] operations and some of these commercial ventures to come to because it's got wide open spaces, ideal for launch facilities, good climate, good engineering background.
It's got all of the elements you need.

He’s right: we do have large portions of the country where the only things to be disturbed by a rocket launch would be red dirt and a few bemused kangaroos.

Bring it on! Who’s got the number for Elon Musk? [ABC]

Image: Google

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