Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass Slaughters Bacteria With Toxic Silver

Everywhere you go, you’re touching gross things and then touching your phone. How often do you disinfect your phone? Probably never! Luckily, Corning has developed a new version of its tough Gorilla Glass that kills bacteria. The trick is filling the glass with tiny silver bullets to murder the bastards.

Last week, Corning teased its new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, and the company has provided us with some additional details about how it works. The cover glass uses a new manufacturing process in which corning diffuses silver ions throughout the the molten mixture. Silver is toxic and so when microbes come into contact with it, they perish. According to Corning the treatment will last longer than the lifetime of a given product?.

Is it safe? Will the silver’s toxic powers hurt you? Well it turns out that Corning has had to get all of its health claims approved by the EPA. First of all, yes, the glass is safe. And from what we can tell deduce from the approved claims, the glass is cleaner, less likely to stain, less likely to start to smell bad. It doesn’t say “healthier” but, you know, that’s the implication. Bacteria makes you sick.

Corning’s first partner is the workspace furniture outfitter Steelcase. The company says its in talks with big name handset manufacturers to implement the technology into future products, but there is no news to share on that front yet.