A US Company Now Owns This (Probably Fake) Cold Fusion Reactor

Cold fusion is a theoretical (and highly doubtful) reaction that makes huge amounts of energy. Last year, the inventor claimed his Energy Catalyzer fusion device could produce electricity at one per cent the cost of coal. This week, a North Carolina company bought the rights to the tech. Did they get bamboozled?

Probably. As PopSci points out, inventor/convicted scam-man Andrea Rossi's studies "proving" the E-Cat's efficiency have not been peer reviewed, and more perplexingly, the chemical process that's supposedly behind the system simply can't work the way the paper explains it. And for all of Rossi's bravado and self-styled confidence in his device, he's repeatedly refused to allow third-party testing, including by NASA.

All that doubt doesn't seem to have stopped the new owners of the E-Cat technology, Industrial Heat LLC. In fact, according to the company's press release, "since acquiring Rossi's technology, IH has engaged in a broad-based effort to protect it by preparing numerous patent applications related to the core technology as well as associated designs and uses."

Maybe the company is preemptively patenting the technology in the hopes that it becomes viable in the future? If so, I'd love to sell them my patent for a time machine so they can speed up the return on their investment. [PRNewswire via PopSci]

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    As improbable as it may be, I really hope this shit is real..! If so, the world is about to change the way it creates power very quickly. If not, Industrial Heat LLC, took a chance and failed, and a scam artist became a true artist...!

    Depends how much he sold it for. ten billion dollars would be a good start, something in the millions would suggest it's a quick scam to get some cash and run.

    Patenting various aspects of the alleged process/function makes sense, even if it's a fraud- most likely it's in the hope they actually 'jag' something that is part of the real process (when it is discovered, if not now already) and thus cut themselves a slice of the pie. I love the bit about patenting "uses" of cold fusion though, gg.

    With cold fusion, why the hell would you permit some third party testing. Here, have what's one of the most valuable things in the world, I totally trust you not to attempt to copy or reverse engineer it!

    You know nothing Jon Snow. Similary as Tim from Forbes who somehow figured out that cold fusion reactions occuring in metal hydrides should produce gammas as hot fusion does in Sun or man made thermonuclear explosions. Why so sure?

      Because that's how fusion/fission works? Energy is radiated in its simplest form.

    This story is going to make a great movie one day - whether it works or not!

    surely a scam on this level would be completely unviable? A company spending this money would surely have all kinds of clauses put into their conditions of sale that make sure that if it all turns out to be completely fake this guy has to pay them a lot more money than they spent?!

    Not "dubious" at all
    "When asked about LENR in general McKubre said he believes that Andrea Rossi, Defkalion, Brillouin and Black Light Systems have all succeeded in creating cold fusion. He also believes that none of them has succeeded in creating a commercially viable technology. McKubre thinks that Robert Godes of Brillouin whom he is working with is closest to developing a working LENR device.
    McKubre said at least two different versions of Brillouin’s device one that heats water to create steam to generate electricity and one that uses pressurized hydrogen gas are being tested at SRI. "

      If it is "Cold fusion", why would you use it to HEAT water to create steam to generate electricity. The whole idea is to use the energy directly.

        i believe the term "cold" fusion applies to getting the reactions at closer to room temperatures (rather than extremely high or extremely low temperatures)

    It works. Anyone who has done a minimal amount of research without prejudice and open mine should come to the same conclusion. Rossi from the start has never asked for donations from the public. He's always had his own money invested in the e-cat. We will have to look past the shackles of the scientific priesthood, if we are ever too find the solutions to our problems.

      You mean money for previous investors he has scammed?

    Of course it's a scam.
    Doesn't matter though, it's a perfect vehicle for yet another WALL STREET SCAM.
    Industrial Heat will now do an IPO
    (application is already in progress http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=%201584856%20&owner=include&count=40)

    Shares will be sold, millions will be raised from investors and the money will disappear down the executives trousers.
    Can't lose.
    When will the SEC wake up and STOP THE SCAMS?
    Never, they would have to close the casino!

    Gizmodo, prepare to eat crow.




    If this is legit and he has figured out "cool fusion", having sold it to a company is not good. Chances are the company who bought it is an oil/coal company looking to prevent it becoming mainstream and impacting their profits.

      tonyintsv, study and read and go to www.ecatworld.com and stop commenting because you are making yourself look like an ignoramus and you are bound to feel like like an ignoramus in a few years. I GUARANTEE IT. (:->) And we don't want that, do we.

        www.ecatworld.com is no longer resolving, and has no active MX records, although the domain appears to still be hosted. This is not a good sign of legitimacy.

        In any case, the claim that a new energy source will destroy the market for a coal/gas company is silly. If you can produce energy cheaply, you do so at a price that undercuts the competition by a modest margin then build an effective monopoly on the energy market. You wind up with a much bigger share of the market - a market that will probably grow because the price is a bit cheaper and greenhouse emissions are presumably minimal.

        Alternatively, a country like China would pay a mint for a working cold fusion system without any worries about market competition.

        I would love it if the system really worked, as the world needs a good source of cheap energy, but given that the technology is being pushed by a known scammer in a field known for its scams, I judge it much more likely that it's basically a hoax, and that he's managed to find a company which trusts its financial officers more than it trusts its engineers.

    Well at least he didn't sell them an overunity generator

    In this household, we obey the law of thermodynamics!

      Do you apply such thinking to conventional nuclear power plants?

        I think that's a Simpsons quote.

        And of course conventional nuclear power plants obey the laws of thermodynamics. They obtain energy by breaking down high energy, unstable atoms into relatively low energy ones.

    I watched every video and article I could find on the e-Cat and finally came across his history (http://freeenergyscams.com/the-e-cat-thermoelectric-scam-of-andrea-rossi-part-5a/). I remembered a video where he didn’t want to discuss his past. That was the first alarm bell right there. I went back and watched (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-8QdVwY98E) and can see how easily he could fool people. Little things don’t add up which make me very suspicious. The Ammeter shows 3.4A. He doesn’t show the voltage we have to take his word at 220V for Italy. It could be 660V. The wiring inside the control box just look like he has thrown a pile in there to look complicated when the real power cable goes in at the back on the bottom and probably goes straight back out to the running e-cat. I suspect it’s just a heater element in the e-Cat. The pump is on a different circuit (the power board runs to a different GPO) and is not included in his calculations. The amount of steam is less than my kettle. We have to take his word that they are going through 7kg of water an hour. I smell a rat. As for his 1MW plant why was there a massive diesel generator running and making it hard for people to hear their own thoughts. Whats it powering? Is it because mains can’t supply what he need to run the 1MW plant? He should be investigated before any other big businesses are sucked in. I think I read he has experience in thermoelectrics which makes me think it would be simple for him to hook up a TEG (http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xteg+module&_nkw=teg+module&_sacat=0) and run it stand alone and really knock the socks off everyone. To many questions and not enough answers. I bet he put in the Cu in the night before the test. I wonder who else is in on it. I’m done with Rossi. I’ll look for LENR elsewhere. I say he’s a snake oil salesman and I’m confident it will eventually be shown he has wasted mine and your time, and hard earned $$$ of the investors if they are real (who knows they may be in on it).

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