A Time Lapse Showing Just How Hot Australia Is Right Now

Australia is trapped in a heatwave right now. Traditionally temperate Melbourne is headed for a top of 41 degrees C today. Cool and calm Adelaide is heading for 46 degrees, and seaside Sydney is headed for 40 degrees. Someone decided to demonstrate what that really means on the streets, showing how fast a chocolate would melt on the footpath.

This video was taken yesterday in Melbourne at 3pm, when the temperature was still sitting at an unseasonable 42 degrees Celcius.

The normally sturdy Lindt Ball sits on the pavement for seconds before it begins to break down due to the heat. Within three minutes, what once was a delicious treat is a puddle of hot, brown muck on the ground.

If you drop your Lindt chocolate in this heat, you've got three minutes to pick it up before it becomes liquid.

Stay safe out there, Australia. Drink plenty of water and stay cool.

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