Wrap Your Gifts In Influenza This Year

Wrap Your Gifts in Influenza This Year

If you've been looking for some truly original wrapping paper this year, swap snowflakes, stars, and stripes for pneumonia, influenza, and the common cold. It turns out that under a microscope those viruses are hard to distinguish from festive decor, and when blown up they make for some lovely gift wrap.

But you won't only be making a great impression come Christmas morning, you'll also be helping the homeless. These wrapping papers were actually designed by London-based ad agency WCRS and are meant to bring awareness about the sicknesses that most threaten the city's homeless population.

Wrap Your Gifts in Influenza This Year

And before you get all bent out of shape about these designers profiting from the homeless' plight, The Wrap Up Project is actually donating all the proceeds to London's St. Mungo's charity, and at $US13 for three 20-by-28-inch sheets, the initiative should raise quite a bit of money. [The Wrap Up Project via Taxi]

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