Winners: 3x Toshiba Encore Windows 8.1 Tablets

Winners: 3x Toshiba Encore Windows 8.1 Tablets

Your challenge: tell us how you would use the 8-inch Toshiba Encore Windows 8.1 tablet so survive your day. Up for grabs: Three 64GB models (valued at $459 each!) along with the opportunity to review your experience for the Gizmodo community. So who won?

Winner #1: J Fong

I’m a Paed Rehab Speech Pathologist, working with children with acquired brain injuries. The immense potential for using technology in therapy is so exciting. Where do I start?!

I can use the tablet for all of the following just to survive my day & be very effective and productive!

At work:

– To type documents & take minutes at meetings. So efficient & less work compared to setting up a laptop! It’s portable!

– To take high quality videos or photos of kids in therapy sessions & play it back to them. Immediate visual feedback to help them review their performance. Especially useful for physiotherapy & occupational therapy sessions as well. Also good to show parents how the kids are progressing. Easy portable device that saves me from lugging a video camera around & download later.

– Play videos to parents or children when trying to explain how things work. E.g. What certain medical procedures entail or pictures of the brain.

– Word & language games on the go.

– Trial & training use of tablets for productivity with language work & note taking in therapy sessions, in preparation for return to school. Particularly if working with children with cognitive & physical disabilities, eg caused by stroke & can’t write effectively. Or has visual issues and need things bigger & clearer on the screen!

– Teach children to surf Internet, assess their ability to scan for information, read & comprehend info. It’s portable Internet!

– use Office, especially Word doc to create / type therapy materials on the go.

Personal use:

– Surf, Research, read, game, anywhere I want!

– work on documents

– take photos, videos. Create memories

– keep in touch with family overseas via Skype.

Winner #2: M Dolley

It seems that the Toshiba Encore is actually the first device that I could use to survive not just one day, but every day.

Some days I am onsite with clients and I need a small and powerful tablet to take notes, but I might also need to connect a keyboard and log on to their terminal server.

Other days I am in the office but still want easy access to all of the mobile notes I have made. Being able to connect my portable to a monitor and use it as a full machine would be amazing.

Then on the weekend I am in the process of building my first house. Having a good camera means I can take photos of styles and colours I like while walking around display homes, and with the power of a full OS I can also easily view contracts and receive emails.

Winner #3: Shaun W

I ride a motorcycle, but it’s not great when you need to carry a backpack full of laptop to meetings around the city.

A Toshiba Encore tablet would allow me to leave my bulky laptop in my office and be able to use the full version of Windows to sync with SharePoint, take notes with OneNote and fine tune my spreadsheets in Excel without having to worry about power cords, network cables or carrying a mouse all day (ys I know people who do this).

Congrats guys! We’ll be in touch!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

With Intel’s speedy fourth-gen Z3740 quad core processor, the Toshiba Encore provides up to 14 hours of battery life and weighs just 445g. Perfect to watch movies, check email, Skype and browse the Web on its 8-inch multi-touch HD display (1280×800; 16:10 aspect).

The Encore also ships with full Windows 8.1 and a full license version of Office Home and Student 2013 — connect a Bluetooth keyboard and you’ve got everything you need to survive the day.
That includes an 8-megapixel rear camera (2MP front), micro HDMI output, micro SD card slot
and 64GB solid-state storage. (A 32GB version is also available).

Thank you to everyone who entered!