Watch Music Turn Into A 3D-Printed Augmented Reality Sculpture

Hearing sound isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Seeing sound. Interaction designer Lukazs Karluk put an audio clip through a gauntlet of digital and physical transformations, resulting in an augmented reality tabletop sculpture.

HoloDecks started with a single song. Karluk used an openFrameworks-enabled custom application to visualise the track into the shape of a disc — a nice nod to the shape of those quaint, old timey CDs and records — that he then began to morph into geometric waves, peaks and valleys with the rhythm.

Eventually, he captured a screenshot, which became the basis for a 3D-printed MakerBot creation.

The last part is a bit tough to parse, but here goes: When viewed through a smartphone, “another layer of audio reactive visuals are mapped to the object”, resulting in a seemingly animated inanimate object.

It’s crazy. It’s cool. Watch the vid (below). [@golan]