Turn Any Door Into Han Solo Stuck In Carbonite

Turn Any Door into Han Solo Stuck in Carbonite

You know you want this door decal of Han Solo stuck in carbonite. The 32-inch by 80-inch laminated graphic can be attached and reattached to both doors and walls and is specially designed to create that great 3D-like effect. It really does look like Han could climb right out of there, at least in the sample images.

At $US140, it's not necessarily the cheapest Han Solo-inspired decoration option, but don't worry. You can find a "wall decal" on Amazon that just appears to lack the cutouts for the door handle and lock. Or check out this unlaminated version on sale at Etsy for a cool $US80. If you're really on a budget, though, just think: This giant graphic of Justin Bieber's face can be yours for $US20. He's no Han Solo, but hey, it's a conversation piece. [Amazon via Oh Gizmo]

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