This Super Compact Toaster Oven Isn’t Just For Bachelors

The toaster oven has far more uses than your average two-slot toaster, but it also requires a lot more counter space — which is problematic if you’re stuck with a tiny kitchen. You can either go to the hassle of stashing it away inside a cupboard when it’s not needed, or trade it in for Plus Minus Zero’s wonderfully compact vertical toaster oven — which isn’t too slim to accommodate your morning bagel.

At $US150 you’ll be paying dearly to reclaim some of your kitchen counter space, but with three internal heating elements, you won’t be making any compromises when it comes to toasting. The oven can handle everything from pizza slices to grilled cheese sandwiches with its digitally-controlled thermostat and timers accessible via a bank of buttons under the door. If you drive to work every day, you just found the perfect alternative to hitting the drive-through for a quick breakfast. [Plus Minus Zero]