This Skipping Rope Recharges Your Gadgets While You Exercise

If you feel like beyond the health benefits, exercise is a waste of time, then Uncharted Play's "PULSE" skipping rope could be the present for you, especially if you enjoy the idea of charging your gadgets simply by jumping up and down while avoiding a piece of fast-moving plastic cord.

The 3D-printed rope can apparently deliver "hours of power" from "minutes of play", though a more thorough investigation of the website fails to provide solid details as to how effective the rope is or how the charging functionality works. Looking at the bottom of the one the handles, it looks like there's a plug of some sort, but "plug" implies "cables" and we can only hope it's designed in such a way that it doesn't get all tangled up while you're doing the exercise thing.

Despite there being a limited run of 100 for testing, I was still able to go through the order process as of December 22. The rope itself will set you back $US129, though add another $US25 for shipping to Australia.

[Uncharted Play via DVICE]

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