This Bewildering Samsung Ad Shows How Cool Galaxy Gear Isn’t

Do not take dating advice from this 2.5-minute Samsung ad for Galaxy Gear. It’s a hot mess of social interactions and it inadvertently proves the exact myth it’s trying to dispel: smartwatches are still in their early, awkward years.

If your smartwatch is significantly improving your love life that’s awesome, but you’re probably in the minority right now. All of the scenarios where Galaxy Gear shines in this ad are horribly forced, and many don’t feel like a natural time to use a gadget at all.

First of all, the ad is a classic “two guys compete for a girl” story. So classic, in fact, that you would think we were kind of over that reductive plot line by now. But yeah, no. Two dudes on a ski lift are both going for the girl sitting between them, but the guy with the Galaxy Gear shows his impish charm right away by asking her to speak her telephone number and then calling her right there to tell her she’s cute. Sure, fine, whatever.

Then the Galaxy Gear dude proceeds to snowboard behind the woman down the mountain, snapping photos of her as she tries to enjoy her run. Meanwhile the other dude is way back because he dropped his skis out of apparent shock that Galaxy Gear is such a babe magnet. When the Galaxy Gear guy shows the woman his photos, she’s impressed and flattered, not creeped out. She does not verbally instruct the Galaxy Gear to call ski patrol. Go figure.

Later at the ski lodge/nearby nightclub (?), Galaxy Gear guy is creepily rewatching videos of the woman snowboarding when he spots her. Galaxy Gear helps its master impress once again with wine knowledge and music. And smartwatch-less Clumsy McGee drops a glass of wine he bought for the woman because he’s so frustrated by Galaxy Gear dude’s infinite prowess.

The woman says, “Today was perfect, Jack” and rests her head on his chest. At which point Galaxy Gear dude turns to the camera, grins smugly, and brandishes his prized smartwatch. Because it’s not about her, it’s about the thrill of the chase! Aaaaaaand scene. [The Verge]