These Boardshorts Are Basically Chafe Free

Summer is here, layers are being shed and it's time to get wet. And I need a new pair of boardies, so why not go with the proven winner when it comes to both comfort and functionality? There isn't because Hurley has what I need and desire.

Now, I can attest to the beauty of Hurley's Phantom series boardshorts and its general functionality. They're stretchy and cause way less chafing than anything else, if you surf. And even if you don't, they're just plain comfortable.

Sure, $US100 is sort of ridiculous for a pair of shorts but, trust me, these are well worth it. There are virtually no seams to be found as everything is welded together and they wick water pretty well, too. Even more, the Phantom Fuze Dalek's come with a "biomimic" waistband that basically moves with your body, which amounts to less chafing. And who doesn't want that?

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