Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For True Dog Lovers

The best gifts for true dog lovers

First of all: if you don't have a dog, please think hard before getting one these holidays. It's a huge responsibility. They are sentient, sensitive beings who will love you all their life, not toys. But if you're a true dog lover, then dive in with us and share your favourite gifts with your fellow canine lovers.

The Manners Minder

The Manners Minder is an awesome gadget to train your dog to do whatever you want using positive reinforcement. It lets you dispense treats every time your dog does what you want. Of course, you can use a simple $3 dollar clicker and your hands, but the Manners Minder allows you to train the dog from the comfort of your sofa or from another room (this is useful to train them not to bark when the door rings and you're not around, for example). And it will keep your hands and the floor clean of treats.

Positive reinforcement training classes

This is the best thing you can do for yourself and your dog. Positive reinforcement is what good animal trainers use to train dogs (like the ones who star in Hollywood movies). Unlike the Cesar Milan bollocking, positive reinforcement is science, using the principles of behaviourism described by Pavlov and Skinner. Basically, every single animal in the world—from dogs to cats to fish to monkeys to elephants to tigers to humans—can be trained using behavioural reinforcements. I prefer positive reinforcements because I love my dog to be happy and not live in fear.

It's super useful. Good training and socialisation will make you and your dog a lot more happy. And the people around you too.

Dressing-2-Go liquid container

This may seem a weird thing to include in a gift guide for lovers, but it's extremely useful. Instead of using solid treats to reward your dog—which can messy to carry around—fill this with peanut butter or some gooey meaty food—and carry it with you at all times. When it's time to reward your dog, take it out, push with your thumb, and let him lick a bit of deliciousness. There are some specialised treat tubes that use rolling balls, but this is cheap and infinitely reusable.

Doggie helmet

If you carry your dog in a bicycle or motorbike or a boat, this is a must have. Dogs can fall and break their heads too, just like humans. Amos always wears one when traveling on the bike.

What are you getting your pampered pooch? Tell us in the comments!

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