The 5 Best Airbnb Stays In Australia

The 5 Best Airbnb Stays In Australia

The best thing about Airbnb is the chance to stay somewhere truly unique when you go travelling. Forget the boring hotel room, and stay in a refurbished train car instead! These are the 5 craziest Airbnb joints in Australia.


Cooks Gap, NSW

Fancy staying in a renovated train car? What about three antique rail cars strung together? That’s the offer of Ruwenzori.

Situated at Cooks Gap near Mudgee in country New South Wales, Ruwenzori is a series of train cars strung together to create a luxury hotel with an antique twist.

The cars are a collection dating back to the 1890’s. The Pullman, for example, was originally built in 1899 as a premium passenger car for the long intercity voyages and now has been refurbished to sleep up to six people. The more modern State Car was built in 1920 as a sleeping car, and has been carefully restored to its period glory.

There’s also a dining car which acts as a hub for food and entertainment at the makeshift train hotel.

Nanuku Levu Island


Alright, so its not technically in Australia, but who could resist renting your own private island for pete’s sake?!

For a shockingly affordable $577 a night, you get your own island of the East coast of Fiji. It’s a 10 acre stamp of land in the glorious blue ocean, playing host to nothing but coconut trees, tranquility and a protected marine and wildlife sanctuary.

You’ll see turtles and sea birds take shelter on this island as you lie on the beach and let the world pass you by. I know where I’m going for the rest of my life now.

The Scarsdale Farm House

Newtown, VIC

So you want to get out of the city but don’t want to go back in time? The Scarsdale Farm House is for you.

In what feels like a house straight out of Grand Designs, the Scarsdale Farm House is a little slab of modern luxury situated in country-Victoria.

You’ve got two levels of luxury here, with three bedrooms and all the mod-cons situated on five acres of bushland, backing onto a state forest. Just you and the Kangaroos.

Sit by the fire and let your troubles melt away.

Warehouse Suite

Kensington, SA

Want a city escape with a bit of design flair? This warehouse conversion in Adelaide is for you.

Originally built in the 1970’s as a juice factory, the single-storey warehouse has been converted into a new three-bedroom living space with giant living areas overlooking Borthwick Park in Adelaide.

It’s modern luxury with a state capital adjacent: what more could you want?

Darling Point Castle

Darling Point, NSW

Got cash to burn and want to see how the other half live? Why not rent yourself a millionaire’s pad in Sydney’s Darling Point?

Seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, one 20-metre pool, a media room, a drawing room, three different living rooms and two parking spaces for your Lamborghinis* (*sadly, not included).

This place will run you a staggering $3000 a day.

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