100 Most Astonishing Images Of 2013

100 Most Astonishing Images Of 2013

We post tons of great images on Gizmodo, from space to science to art to design. Here’s a treasure trove of our very favourites that proves that 2013 was, if nothing else, eye-catching.

The Most Spectacular New Year’s Eve Fireworks Are Definitely In Dubai

Photo: Gerald Donovan

The USS Zumwalt Deck Looks Like a Part of an Imperial Star Destroyer

Photo: U.S. Navy

This Picture Makes Manhattan Look Like a Video Game

Photo: AirPano

How Scientists Observe the Sun In Every Possible Way

Photo: NASA/SDO/Goddard Space Flight Center

What Is Happening to This Aircraft Carrier?

Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Iain L. Stratton/U.S. Navy

Incredible Images of the Massive New Tunnels Hollowing New York City

Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Iain L. Stratton/U.S. Navy

An Instagram Foot Shot From the Tallest Building in the World Is the Best Instagram Foot Shot

Photo: Joe McNally

How to Jump Out of a Chinook in Style

Photo: Airman 1st Class Christopher Callaway/US Air Force

Saturn’s Harrowing Hurricane Is Even More Terrifying in Technicolor

Photo: NASA

Watch the World Trade Center’s Spire Rise 104 Stories into the Air

Photo: Michael Hession/Gizmodo

Convenience Food Looks Kinda Gross In Cross-Section

Photo: Beth Galton

Inside the Rain Room: Walking Through a Downpour Without Getting Wet

Photo: Michael Hession/Gizmodo

Is This a Real Picture or a Frame from a JJ Abrams Movie?

Photo: NASA

Holy Crap These Four Images Are Actually Just One Single Picture

Photo: Bela Borsodi

These Cross-Sections of Golf Balls Look Like They’re From Outer Space

Photo: James Friedman

What Happens When the US Navy Does a Doughnut in the Pacific Ocean

Photo: U.S. Navy

Mesmerizing Photo Collages Show Time Peeling Away In Layers

Photo: Fong Qi Wei

A Frog Got Too Close to a NASA Launch and, Well, This Happened

Photo: NASA

These Floating Globes of Ink and Oil Look Completely Unreal

Photo: Alberto Seveso

9 Breathtaking Images That Make the American West Look Utterly Alien

Photo: Reuben Wu

This Year’s Best Wildlife Photograph Required Serious Balls to Take

Photo: Udayan Rao Pawar/Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

Haunting Aerial Photographs of Drowned Villages in Canada

Photo: Louis Helbig

These incredible sky lights look like alien spaceships coming to Earth

Photo: Pauli Hänninen

You Need This Beautiful Machinery If You Want Atomic Precision

Photo: Brookhaven National Laboratory

Explore the Extraordinary, Glittering Infinity Rooms of Yayoi Kusama

Photo: Michael Hession/Gizmodo

This must be the greatest light show in the entire solar system

Photo: NASA

Is This a Storm or the Open Gates of Hell?

Photo: Anne Goforth

Whoa, Watch This Hotel in Munich Get Transformed in 88 Different Ways

Photo: Víctor Enrich

The Chinese Rover’s First Moon Photos Are Here

Photo: China National Space Administration

Antarctica Looks Like a Mystical Land Shrouded in Lenticular Ice

Photo: Michael Studinger/NASA

You’ve Never Seen GPS Data Look This Beautiful

Image by Eric Fischer/Mapbox

The World’s Tallest Waterslide Better End in the World’s Deepest Pool

Photo: Imgur

The Red Planet’s Deep Valleys in Kaleidoscope Colour

Image: ESA

What the Hottest Place on Earth Looks Like

Satellite image: ESA

You’ve Never Seen a Cell Look Like This

Image by Mariela Loschi

It Looks Like You Could Climb This Celestial Tree Into Space

Image credit: Jerónimo Losada

This Aerial of NYC Makes One World Trade Look Like the Eye of Sauron

Photo: James Kastner

Perfectly Timed Pics of Aeroplanes Silhouetted Against the Moon

Photo: Sebastien Lebrigand

NASA’s Psychedelic Space Plane Is Glowing With Pure Science

Image Credit: NASA Langley/Preston Martin

Inside the Celestial Workshop That Makes the World’s Fastest Yachts

Photo credit: Benedict Redgrove

OK, Who Invited the Osprey to the Rave?

Photo credit: Navy

This Terrifying Lightning Storm Is a Masterful, Miniature Fake

Photo credit: Matthew Albanese

What the World Would Look Like If You Could Actually See Wi-Fi Signals

Image credit: Nickolay Lamm

This Intense Real-Life F-35 Picture Looks Like an Iron Man 3 Frame

A Tiny Wasp Hitches a Ride on the Back of a Dragonfly

Image: Yuan Tung Shih/NHM

NASA’s 3D-Printed Rocket Injector Test: A Beautiful Inferno

Image Credit: NASA Glenn Research Center

A Perfectly Timed Bolt of Lightning Makes Fireworks Extra Awesome

Photo Credit: AJ192/Reddit

Microwaving a Highlighter Is So Dumb But Looks So Impossibly Cool

Photo credit: opticreason/Reddit

New York City’s New Subway Tunnel Looks Like a Level From Half-Life

Photo credit: MTA

The Ultimate Photoshoot Location

Photo credit: NASA

A Soldier Launching a Stinger Missile That Looks Like Lasers

Photo credit: Marine Corps

Bill Gates and Paul Allen Recreate Iconic 1981 Microsoft Photo

Photo credit: Paul Allen

A Horizontal Rainbow Makes For Easier Trips to Oz

Photo credit: Bertrand Kulik

Power-Desperate, Stranded Carnival Cruise Passengers Make a Rat-King Out of Phone Cords

Las Vegas From Space Is One Bright Hole Straight to Hell

Photo credit: Chris Hadfield

A Butterfly Under a Light Microscope

Image credit: David Millard/Olympus Bioscapes

This Awesome Image From Another Dimension Has Not Been Photoshopped

Image credit: Tackyshack

An Incredible Photo of a Colonial Base in an Alien World Called Earth

Photo credit: Antony Dubber

What Are the Odds of Capturing a Moment This Rare?

Photo credit: Scott Rinckenberger

It’s Hard to Believe That This Is Part of Our Planet

Image credit: ESA

Incredible Photo Shows the Peaceful Alien Beauty of a Horse Foetus

Photo credit: Tim Flach

Stunning Night Images of a Nuclear Ice Breaker in the Middle of Nowhere

This Mesmerizing Ai Weiwei Installation Is Made From 3,144 Bicycles

iOS Maps Atrocities? Nah, These Are Works of Art

Image credit: Trapcode

What Happens When You Soak a Negative in Gasoline and Light It on Fire

Image credit: Peter Hoffman

Behold the Gigantic 98-Foot-High Horse Heads Just Completed in Scotland

Photo credit: Brian Smith

Inside the Incredible, Complex Factories Where Satellites Are Born

Image credit: Greg White

Minotaur 1 Soars Into Space

Photo credit: Allison Stancil/NASA

Colourful Desert Ruins Consumed by Waves of Sand

Photo credit: Romain Veillon

Elaborate Dioramas Model the Apocalypse in Miniature

Photo credit: Lori Nix

The Creepiest Photographs of Things You Can Only See Under the Microscope

You Won’t Believe These Soaring Fighter Jets Are Just Toys

Photo credit: Dan Ledesma

The View From the Base of New York City’s Annual 9/11 Memorial

Photo credit: Mark Lenniham/AP

Flowers Shatter Like Glass Thanks to Liquid Nitrogen and a Gun

The Jaw-Dropping Winner of the Largest Sports Photography Contest Yet

Photo credit: Lorenz Holder/Illume

The Research Base At the End of the World

Photo: Reuben Wu

The Daya Bay Neutrino Detector’s Photomultiplier Tubes

Photo credit: Berkeley Lab

This High-Speed Digital Camera Can Freeze Objects Moving 7,500 MPH

Photo credit: MetroLaser

What 35MM Film Looks Like Developed in Ammonia

Photo credit: Matthew Cetta

What Manhattan Would Look Like If It Were in the Grand Canyon

The Best Nature Photo of the Year Is This Badass Polar Bear

Photo credit: Paul Souders

These Incredible Light Columns Are Caused by Ice Crystals

Photo credit: Thomas Kast

Trial by Ice at GE’s Engine Testing Site in Winnipeg, Canada

Photo credit: GE

Helicopter Incredibly Rescues a Man Trapped on a Crane After Explosion

Photo credit: @ChrisInKingston

This Is What the Universe Would Look Like If It Were a Tiny Model

Photo credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA). Assembly and processing by Robert Gendler.

You Won’t Believe How Accurate GE’s New CT Scanner Is

Image credit: GE

Every Second in Star Wars IV Arranged by How Bright It Is

Image credit: Jason Salavon

Holy Wow, You Can Actually Swim Like Scrooge McDuck in this Bank Vault

Photo credit: James Edition Auction

The First Video in History to Capture the Moon Orbiting Earth

A Fennec Trots Through the Desert

Photo by José Mingorance

Behold the Centrifuge That Looks Like a Laser Cannon

Photo credit: Sandia National Laboratories

Largest True-Colour Image of the Sky Ever Is Made of 37,000 Photos

Image credit: Nick Risinger

This Awesome Photo Hasn’t Been Digitally Modified

Photo Credit: JeeYoung Lee

This Beautiful Orchid Is a Deadly Predator

Photo credit: James O’Hanlon

This Museum Is Actually an Unbelievable Gingerbread House

Photo credit: Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves for Dylan’s Candy Bar

The Grand Canyon Completely Flooded by Clouds in “Once-in-a-Lifetime” Event

Photo credit: Grand Canyon National Park

Is There an Alien Base in the Heart of This Romanian Salt Mine or What?

Photo credit: Salina Turda

What the World Would Look Like If You Could See Cell Phone Signals

Image credit: Nickolay Lamm

The New Home of the Guandong Plastic Exchange

Photo credit: Shenzhen Daily