Swearing At The Ref In NBA 2K14 Still Gets You A Foul

How many times have you been watching a sporting match and wanted to tell the ref exactly what you thought of them? Turns out you still can't do that in NBA 2k14 for Xbox One, as the Kinect is always listening to you, and calls a foul when you drop profanity on the black and white stripey bloke.

It's always fun watching people, like the guy in the video above, figure out that screaming "f**k you" at the TV in NBA 2k14 will earn you a technical foul.

It used to happen in NBA 2k13 too...

...but the Kinect wasn't a mandatory peripheral back then, so not everybody could land a foul for swearing at the ref. The Xbox One requires the Kinect in order to run, so your virtual referee is always listening for those F-bombs.

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